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My work has been published in a variety of places. See the listing below or follow the links on the right for some selected samples.

Fiction and Non-Fiction

The focus of my translation work is the translation of Swedish mystery novels,
by authors such as Denise Rudberg, Helene Tursten and Inger Frimansson.

My translation of "Good Night, My Darling" won the Best Book of the Year Award by ForeWord Magazine in 2007.

My non-fiction portfolio includes this book by a Swedish economist.

Text Books

When I started teaching Swedish, I was unable to find a textbook that would be suitable for the interests and language learning needs of my students, so I sat down and wrote my own. These text books cover the material for a three-year course.

Swedish: The Basics
First Year
Swedish: More Basics
Swedish: Beyond The Basics
Second Year

From the back cover of Swedish: The Basics:

"Whatever your reasons for learning Swedish, this book offers you an efficient and direct path to mastery.

Swedish: The Basics explains all you need to know to carry on a normal conversation using everyday vocabulary, with grammatical concepts presented in a straightforward manner.

Most of the exercises can be directly completed in the book, eliminating the need for additional handout materials."

Swedish: Becoming Fluent - Step One
Third Year
Swedish: Becoming Fluent - Step Two
Third Year
Swedish: Becoming Fluent - Step Three
Third Year

Poetry Translations


Audio Products

Instant Immersion German,  8 CDs. Author: Laura Wideburg, Ph.D., Readers: Laura Wideburg, Ph.D., Carolin Bednaczyk, and others. Published 2002 by TOPICS

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