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More Basics

Second Edition
by Laura A. Wideburg

About the book

Swedish: More Basics extends the material in the first textbook in the series, Swedish: The Basics. The primary focus is to provide additional exercises, reading texts and review of grammatical concepts. As before, all of the exercises can be done directly in the book.

The extended reading pieces cover topics like Swedish history and geography, as well as nature, cities and cutural life in Sweden. Not to forget home cooking.

This book fills a gap between Swedish: The Basics and Swedish: Beyond the Basics and would be particularly suitable for a summer quarter between the first and second year of Swedish instruction.

I wrote this book for my own students at the Swedish Cultural Center, because they kept asking for a book just like this.

Wishing you success and, most of all, lots of fun in learning the wonderful Swedish language!

Companion Volumes

If you have completed Swedish: More Basics and are ready to take the next step, consider the follow-on volume, Swedish: Beyond The Basics.

For more advanced students I have created a three-volume set Swedish: Becoming Fluent, which will take you in three steps to increased fluency in using Swedish.


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