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Becoming Fluent

Second Edition
by Laura A. Wideburg

About the book

Swedish: Becoming Fluent: Step One is the first in a set of three volumes intended to meet the needs of students at a high intermediate or early advanced level series. Any student who has mastered the material found in Swedish: The Basics, Swedish: More Basics and Swedish: Beyond the Basics will be able to use this volume immediately. Swedish: Becoming Fluent extends the series to cover a full three year course of Swedish for adult learners.

Each volume of Swedish:Becoming Fluent covers the material for one  nine-week quarter of instruction. All of my books have been written with the adult language learner in mind. They are being used at the Swedish Cultural Center in Seattle for the first three years of once-a-week evening class instruction.

Most important at this stage is building your active and passive vocabulary to the level needed for fluent conversation. After completing the three volumes you will be well on your way to participating in most daily conversations with fluency and understanding. To that end, the reading pieces cover typical situations a student might encounter when visiting Sweden but also cover topics like Swedish culture, history and geography. Not to forget home cooking.

Grammar concepts that need special attention are reviewed in context with this increasing vocabulary. The many exercises allow you to practice the use of these concepts and to reinforce your new vocabulary. As with the other books in the series, you can complete all exercises directly in the book.

I wrote this book for my own students at the Swedish Cultural Center, because they kept asking for a book just like this.

Wishing you success and, most of all, lots of fun in learning the wonderful Swedish language!



Välkommen till det nästa steget i resan till flytande svenska!

Nu förstår du redan ganska mycket svenska, men du vill verkligen delta i samtal på svenska och kunna använda svenska som språk — lyssna på svensk radio, och se på svenska tv och filmer, läsa brev, tidningar och eventuellt böcker på svenska och förstå kulturen där svenska talas.

Den här boken ska hjälpa dig. Du lär dig många nya ord och repeterar grammatiska koncept på en högre nivå. Du kommer at kunna använda svenska på ett flytande sätt!

Nu börjar vi!




steg / -

step, stage, level



delta /deltar / deltog / deltagit )


samtal / -


använda (2a)

to use



repetera (1)

to practice

 koncept / -


hög / högt / höga


högre / högst

higher / highest

[EN] nivå / -er




Companion Volumes

If you have are just starting out, or have only limited prior exposure to Swedish, consider the earlier books in the series, Swedish: The Basics, Swedish: More Basics and Swedish: Beyond the Basics.


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