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Beyond The Basics

Fourth Edition
by Laura A. Wideburg

About the book

Swedish: Beyond The Basics picks up where the first textbook in the series, Swedish: The Basics, left off. However, the emphasis shifts from assembling the building blocks of grammar to helping you acquire an extensive and practical vocabulary. A new section, Ordbildning, explains how words have been borrowed from Latin, Greek, German, French and English. This allows you to recognize similar vocabulary as you encounter it.

The extended dialogs and reading passages in each chapter cover family events and many everyday situations, such as a family BBQ or watching a hockey game with friends. The protagonists encompass all generations from an eleven year old girl to a retired engineer researching his family background. The final chapter is an eight page story with extensive dialog — a stepping stone to reading longer and more involved Swedish texts.

After finishing Swedish: Beyond the Basics, you will have been exposed to over five thousand words and should have developed an active vocabulary of about 2500 words. This will enable you to continue learning Swedish, whether on your own in the country, or as an Advanced Intermediate student in North America. You will be speaking and understanding full sentences and ready to read an average Swedish crime novel or magazine with help of a dictionary.

There are no other intermediate level Swedish textbooks in the North American marketplace. I wrote this book as a necessary stepping-stone for my own students at the Swedish Cultural Center and have seen my students move on to reading and conversing Swedish fluently and successfully.

When I first lived in Vrigstad, in Småland, I learned to love the Swedish language. It has been my greatest passion and joy to see others come to love this beautiful language as much as I do.

Wishing you success and, most of all, lots of fun in learning the wonderful Swedish language!

Companion Volumes

For more advanced students I have created a three-volume set Swedish: Becoming Fluent which will take you in three steps to increased fluency in using Swedish.


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