Photos from previous dances

December 1, 2007:
In spite of strong competition from the annual No-Snow Ball, Canyon saw a full house of
about 24 dancers who had opted for this fun event in the woods. The dancing followed a delicious
potluck dinner of soup, chicken, sushi, salads, desserts, etc. Two contra lines were necessary
to make room for the whirling dancers.
Below, caller Stuart Moody guides the group through a smooth contra while
 Jonathan  Goodwin and friends provide melodious accompaniment.

Below, the merry dancers on December 1 enjoy a circle mixer dance.

November 3, 2007:
What a fun evening it was, with a lively group of 24 dancers, the 4-member Cactus Huggers band,
new caller Toby Blomé and our own Tom Thoreau, as well as an abundance of food and snacks,
including a big ice cream cake. The weather was surprisingly cool in Canyon on this warm day.
The big redwoods and the nearby creek kept the temperature down, especially after sunset.
The photo below shows the Cactus Huggers--Mark, Sarah, Dan and Bob--skillfully performing
their old-tymey music for dancing.

Below, caller Toby plays an ancient Swedish stringed instrument in an intermission Hambo.
Dancers tonight were privileged to hear Toby call her very first contra, a task which
she performed splendidly. The dancers also did several Scandinavian mixers,
transformed into American-style dances by Scandinavian teacher Toby.
Tom Thoreau contributed his reliably smooth and engaging contra dance calling.
A large handful of young people contributed their energy to the dancing.
The pre-dance potluck dinner brought forth a large, varied array of dishes
ranging from soup through entrees, salads, side dishes and desserts.

October 6, 2007:

Nine members of the Extended Roots band play for the October contra dance.
The instruments are 3 fiddles, piano, bass, 2 guitars, penny whistle and mandolin.
Extended Roots players are so finely tuned to one another that their sound
is exquisitely blended, almost as if only one instrument were playing.

Caller Tom Thoreau prepares dancers to begin a contra on October 6, 2007.

September 1, 2007:

The three-member Band du Jour creates a strong and luscious sound
as it accompanies contra dancers on September 1.

Dancers in the middle of an energetic contra called by
our own Tom Thoreau on September 1.

August 4, 2007:

Admirers unfurled a big banner expressing appreciation
for Tom's work in bringing contra dances to Canyon.

Caller Mavis McGaugh (right) and Dave Courchaine's
4-piece band kept about 27 dancers moving.

Dancers do a lively circle mixer dance.

July 7, 2007:

Dancers swing their partners in a rollicking contra called by Tom Lehmann
while the 17-piece band Claudia's Kitchen plays.
Forty people fill the dance hall nicely--17 band members
and 23 dancers--in this July 7, 2007 photo.

A small portion of the 17-member Claudia's Kitchen band that played for the contra dancers
on July 7, 2007. The band members also attended the potluck dinner
before the dance, making for a big, friendly crowd.

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