Welcome Contra Dancers!

  Once each month on the first Saturday lovers of contra dancing, skilled and beginner alike, gather at the tiny community of Canyon, California for 3 hours of joyful dancing in a charming schoolhouse under the redwoods and alongside a bubbling creek.

   Each month a different caller and band entertain the assembled dancers who have escaped to this rustic hideaway for an evening of fun and exercise. We welcome new dancers, families, children, singles, couples. The tradition is to change partners for each dance, and no one is left out.

   For beginners and older dancers rusty on contra dancing, we offer a simple teaching period at 7:45, ahead of the regular dance start time. 

   There are two short intermission periods, at 9pm and 10pm. The dance runs 8-11pm. There may be occasional potluck dinners preceding the dance. These will be announced ahead of time. We encourage dancers to sponsor their own potluck parties ahead of our contras. This is a great way to celebrate special occasions. We provide all the kitchen and dining materials and some of the food. There is no extra charge for potluck service beyond the regular dance admission charge.

This month's schedule:

We are on our normal schedule of dancing from 8pm until 11pm, but no potluck dinner this month. Doors will open at 7pm. A brief beginner teach will be at 7:45 and contras start at 8, with two intermissions, at 9 and 10. There will be refreshments and dessert then, and a door prize drawing will be held at 10.

  Saturday, September 7, 2013:

  Dance Caller: We are pleased to welcome Celia Ramsay to her first calling assignment at Canyon.
  Band: The wonderful Canyon Special band--David Brown, fiddle; Dan Warrick, banjo; and Dan Kluger, guitar.

Time & place: Canyon School, 8-11pm; beginner teach 7:45.
Suggested donation $7 adult, no charge for child with adult/parent. Student $5 or pay as you can. Admission fees support the performers and the school.

   Canyon Community is about halfway between Moraga and the Montclair
District of Oakland, on Pinehurst Road. Watch for the School Crossing signs and park in the spaces near the entrance, alongside the fenced
schoolyard or in a convenient space off the road. You may wish to bring
a flashlight because the road is unlighted. See map here.
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  (Pinehurst Road follows the route of the former Sacramento Northern Railway. The Sacramento Northern was an electric interurban trolley line from the Bay Area to Sacramento and continuing to Oroville and Chico. Passenger service on this line ended in 1941, while freight service continued until 1956.--Yorkman Lowe.)

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