Winch System

Warn 12,000 Pound Hydraulic Winch
A Warn industrial hydraulic winch is installed in the front bumper. The bumper was custom made to support the winch and provide a platform to stand on to work on the engine. The winch can handle up to 24,000 pounds when used with a snatch block. There is 125 feet of cable. An intercom connection jack is mounted near the winch. The winch runs under 2,500 psi and has a high rate of take up speed.

PTO & Pump
A PTO pump is mounted to the transfer case and a high speed, high pressure hydraulic pump is mounted to the PTO. The PTO is engaged from inside the cockpit.

Tank, Lines, Valves
A 10 gallon hydraulic tank is mounted underneath the Bronco between the frame rails. The pump, valves, tank and winch are all connected via high pressure hoses, with the primary hose supporting a 1.5" inside diameter. Electric valves are installed that can be operated from both inside the cockpit and from a remote position up near the front winch. A pressure gauge monitors the pump pressure and a by-pass pressure relief valve is installed for safety reasons.