Stereo Components

All stereo components where purchased from Crutchfield. A Kenwood KDC-907 stereo unit is installed in the Bronco. The stereo provides AM/FM and CD features with a remote control unit and anti-theft MASK feature. It has pre-amp outputs only and has no internal power for speakers. The entire system must be connected to external amplifiers.

I have installed 4 California amplifiers. Three are 2 channel amps and one is a 4 channel amp. The amps are mounted where the rear seat used to be. All amps are 400 watts in power. Whelen light power units are mounted on the floor board where the seat was. Then a platform was installed above these units to mount the stereo amps. Then, another platform was installed above the amps to hold the rear speakers.

Speakers & Sub-Woofer
I have Infinity Kappa "i" series speakers mounted in the doors, center control console and rear quarter panels, 3 pair. A MTX speaker box is mounted in the rear of the bronco, along with a 12" Kicker sub-woofer. This is about the only way you can hear the stereo over the engine noise.

Back Speakers, Sub and Amps

Power Connections
All stereo power connections are made using StreetWires connection devices. A 200-amp main fuse is installed near the battery and 00-gauge cable takes the power back to the amps and a distribution block where individual circuit connections are made and small fuses are installed.

Battery Connections for Amps, Lights, CBs