Engine Components

Main Power Plant

Engine PictureAnother picture of the engine
Listed below are the engine specifications for the Ford V-8 521 cubic inch engine installed in my Bronco. The engine is a Ford 460 bored 110 over with a bore of 4.47 and a stroke of 4.15. It has a standard crank with forged pistons and Howard aluminum rods. It has a large Competition Cam roller cam with CompCam roller rockers and roller lifters. The rockers are 1.80 stainless steel instead of the standard 1.73 aluminum rockers, which gives a little more duration to the cam lift.

The intake valves are 2.25 and exhaust are 1.88. The valves are triple springed due to the roller cam. The heads are aluminum AT Francis - Blue Thunder heads with Ford intake and Chevy square port exhausts. These are probably the best heads on the market. The intake is a dual plane, high rise intake with a Holley Dominator carb flange made especially for the Blue Thunder heads. The carb is a modified Holley 1150 cfm Dominator.

The exhaust system are hand made Hooker headers with 2 1/4" primary tubes dumping into 4" collectors. The mufflers are 4" in/out Stage 1 Flowmasters. The sound is deafening, do NOT due this unless you plan on trailering the vehicle, it will not be street legal due to the noise.

The engine also has aluminum MACH underdrive pulleys and a 10,000 RPM rated Fluidamper Harmonic balancer. The air cleaner is a K&N 5" high 14" wide cleaner. A high torque starter is also installed due to the high engine compression. The engine compression is 10.50:1. Engine RPMs are monitored with a large Autometer Tach with RPM recall and RPM shift set capabilities and a large shift light.

Engine being BuiltEngine Being Installed
Engine being built

Engine Characteristics

The graph below shows the horsepower at just short of 800 hp and 650 ft/lbs. of torque before the 400 hp nitrous system is figured in. Overall, the engine can produce 1,200 horsepower.

Horsepower Chart

Fuel and Nitrous System
Fuel is delivered from a custom made 45 gallon aluminum gas tank via 10 AN Aeroquip hose lines and fittings through a Barry Grant 280 gph fuel pump and Barry Grant 5000 gph fuel filter that is plumbed for a return fuel line back to the tank to keep the gas and pump cool. Fuel pressure is monitored at three points along the way with gauges inside the cockpit and engine mounted.

A second, back-up fuel system is also installed from the tank to the Big Shot 400 hp Nitrous System. This system can be tapped into the primary fuel system if needed as a standby fuel system. The Nitrous fuel system is powered by a Holley Blue 140 gph pump and Fram fuel filter with 8 AN Aeroquip hose lines and fittings. Fuel pressure and Nitrous pressure are also monitored from inside the cockpit.

With the current setup, I am getting 1 to 2 miles per gallon. Do not plan on using a Dominator Carb and this type of fuel delivery system if you want good gas mileage. I was hoping for about 6 mpg, but instead I am getting just a little under 2 mpg, even at idle speeds.

MSD Electronics
All engine computers are by MSD. There is an MSD Distributor with a bronze gear connected to a three stage MSD timing computer with a 20 degree starter retard and 3 Nitrous retards. The retards can be controlled automatically or with a manual override from inside the cockpit. The MSD timing computer is connected to a 7-AL-2 brain box and a Blaster 2 coil. A MSD RPM module is plugged into the 7-AL-2. The plug wires are also from MSD.

Cooling System
To start with, there is a 30% high flow water pump installed. It is hooked to a Griffin aluminum race radiator with two (2) 1.50" rows and high capacity tanks (19" x 31"). A transmission cooler is also installed inside the radiator. The radiator is connected to a Summit overflow tank. In addition, there are also external oil and transmission coolers. All coolers are connected with stainless steel AN high pressure lines. Gauges monitor water, oil and transmission temperatures with warning lights for high water temp. The vehicle is also equipped with factory air conditioning.

Oiling System
The engine holds almost 20 qts. of oil, starting with a 14 qt. Moroso deep oil pan, 3 remote filters and a large oil cooler, again with stainless steel lines. The oil pump has been modified to provide 50 psi at idle and 80 psi at 3,000 RPM. I run Ford Motorcraft HP-1 filters due to the high pressure. Other filters can not handle the pressure. Oil pressure is monitored with both a gauge and a warning light for low pressure.

Charging (Electrical) System
Due to the MSD system, external lights, on-board electronics and massive stereo system, a highly modified electrical system has been installed. The ENTIRE original wiring harness was removed and a Painless Wiring system was installed. It was not Painless! I do not recommend anyone else do this if you don't have a lot of time and good electrical knowledge. Two 1,100 cranking amp batteries are installed with a 160 AMP alternator installed. All primary battery wiring is 00-gauge wiring. Primary wires run to the batteries, alternator, lights, stereo amps and CB radio and amps.