Drive Train Components

The axles are 2 1/2 ton REO (Rockwell) military axles with a 6.72 gear ratio with Detroit lockers installed in both the front and rear axles. I got tired of breaking the standard Dana 44 and Ford 9".  I found these in a junk yard and got the rebuild kit from Boyce Equipment. I recommend you get the complete job done at Boyce to save time. It cost me almost as much to rebuild them myself. Be careful when taking them apart, the center chunk "gear set" alone weights so much that we had to use an engine hoist to remove it and install the lockers. This vehicle is full time 4-wheel drive with all 4 tires engaged via the lockers at all times. It likes to go straight and it can throw the mud, it is not great on the street or in tight turns.

Running GearRunning Gear Installed

Picture with Gear installed & hooked up

Transfer Case
The transfer case is the standard T-205 that came with the vehicle. It is gear driven and I have never had any problems with it. It got a cleaning, new seals and fluid and thats all it needed. It has be outfitted with a PTO drive unit for the winch.

The transmission is a C-6 Large bell housing transmission that has been highly modified by Bronco John's 4x4 Shop in Orlando, Florida. I recommend Bronco John's for all transmission and 4x4 modifications if you are in the central Florida area. It has ALL of the Ford Motorsport's upgrade components including the R-servo, the needle bearing kits and the lower drive gear. The valve body has been ported and polished. In addition, "Blue Line" advanced frictions have been installed and the drum has been modified to hold additional frictions and steels. I am also using Kevlar bands. A very wicked shift kit has been installed. I have also added a 2 qt. larger transmission pan that is vented for cooling, an external remote transmission filter and 2 external transmission coolers. In tough 4-wheel drive events, you can never have your vehicle's transmission cool enough.

The tires are Interco Boggers 19.5x44 on special order 15 inch rims from Long's Wheel & Rim in Jacksonville, Florida. These rims were built to bolt on to the 6 lug military pattern. The only have an 1" rear off-set and are built using a 5/8" backing plate. The boggers work great in the mud, they don't have enough traction for concrete truck pulls.

The old drum brakes were thrown out. The old vacuum brake system was thrown out. The vehicle now weights 8,000 pounds and it needs to be able to stop on a dime. I installed a 1-ton hydro-boost system from a military vehicle and added a larger power steering reservoir and hooked that up to the power steering pump. We then made (and I mean custom made out of a big plate of steel), four rotors and 4 mounting brackets to hold 4-piston Toyota calipers. All of this was hand engineered and then cut on a laser plasma cutter. All brake lines are stainless steel tubing and stainless steel flex hoses.

In addition, emergency brake Electronic MicoLocks have been installed on both the front and rear brake system. These devices, at a flick of a switch inside the cockpit, can lock-in brake pressure and provide visual and audio warning of any failures or leaks. They are used for emergency brakes and also while winching. All brakes are monitored by warning lights, audio buzzers and brake pressure gauges. The front and rear system can be activated together or independently.