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A Little Background Information

  • I'm a native Californian, born and raised on the San Francisco Peninsula.  I live in Mountain View, California with a collection of cats, computers and telescopes.

  • My favorite hobbies are...

  • I enjoy travelling.  I've been to 49 states (only Alaska eludes me), many islands in the Caribbean, and I've toured Spain.  Most recently, I traveled to England in December 2001 to attend SMOFcon 19 in York.

  • Beginning in January of 2003, I started working for University of California at Santa Cruz in the Academic Information Systems project.  More specifically, I'm the Applications System Administrator working on the PeopleSoft Student Administration system implementation project. I administer and maintain the Student Administration system, along with a number of related software system (too numerous to mention here.)

  • Prior to UCSC, I worked for Stanford University in the Information Technology Systems and Support (ITSS) division.  More specifically, I worked on the PeopleSoft Student Administration system implementation (Axess 2000 project) as a Principal Systems Analyst, implementing the Student Administration system and developing batch production systems.

  • If you're interested, you can view my resume.

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P.S.  Email is welcome at msiladi@ix.netcom.com

Last updated on 2004-10-31