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Current Conventions:

Home Convention:  BayCon, the San Francisco Bay Area Regional Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention

Areas of Interest:  Training convention organizers, Convention Management, Hotel Liaison, MIS, Registration, and Publications

Year Entered Fandom:  1973

First Convention:  Equicon '73 (Bjo & John Trimble's 1st Star Trek Con in LA)

First Convention Worked on:  SpaceCon 2 (1975?)

Other Conventions Worked On:  Many WesterCons, including Westercon 36 (Hotel Liaison), Conolulu (Westercon 53 - Facilities Liaison). WorldCons, NASFiC's, ConStruction, CostumeCon 1, 2, 6 & 12, SiliCon, TimeCon, Contact, LosCon, SpaceCon (2, 3, 4, 5 & 6), World Fantasy Convention (7), EquiCon, ImagiCon, Conjecture, and many more.

Worldcon Experience:  Many positions ranging from Gopher to Division Manager, including Hotel Liaison staff, Party Maven, Rover, Elevator Party Host, Con Ops staff, Commercial Exhibits sales, Exhibits, Registration, and Special Advisor to the Executive Committee.  Worldcons worked on include: LA Con 2 ('84), Atlanta ('85), Austin (NASFiC - '86), ConFrancisco ('93), LA Con 3 ('96), LoneStarCon (San Antonio '97), Bucconneer (Baltimore '98), Conucopia (Nasfic 1999), ChiCon (Chicago 2000), and ConJose (2002).

Conventions Chaired:  BayCon ('85, '87, '93, '95, '97, '02), ConStruction ('97, '99, '01), SMOFcon 17 (December 1999)

Panelist:  CostumeCon, BayCon, Silicon, TimeCon, SMOFcon, LosCon, ConJose, Conjecture

Other jobs at conventions:  Staff Photographer; Progress Report and Program Book production (writing, editting, composer/typesetter, stat & halftone camera operator); Door Guard; Auctioneer (Art Show and Benefit Auction); Blood Drive Coordinator; Chairman; Treasurer; Registration Manager; Hotel Liaison; Convention Facilities Liaison

Club memberships (at one time or another, to greater or lesser degree):  Elves, Gnomes & Littlemen's Science Fiction, Chowder and Marching Society (served terms as Chairman and Treasurer), Peninsula Science Fiction Association (PenSFa), Bay Area Science Fiction Association (BASFA -- Charter member), Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild (GBACG), Costumers' Guild West, Star Trek Video Archives (Star Seekers).

Bids Worked on:  Westercon 36 (Oakland in '83), Westercon 40 (San Jose in '87), WesterCon 50 (Santa Clara in '97), SMOFcon 17 (New Orleans), Westercon 53 (Hawaii in 2000), WorldCon 60 (Bay Area in 2002), and Westercon 58 (San Jose in 2005).

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