Michael's World - Brief Fannish Biograph

I entered fandom in 1973, attending Equicon in Los Angeles.  I had such a great time that I kept on attending conventions.  Around 1975, I started working on conventions, and got hooked on doing that also.

In 1981, I joined a group of San Jose and Bay Area fans to bid for Westercon 36 in Oakland, California.  My group lost the bid to the San Jose in 1983 Westercon bid, but decided to hold our own convention anyway, so we launched BayCon, held in November 1982.  I've been involved with BayCon, and its parent corporation, Artistic Solutions, ever since.  (By the way, I did work on Westercon 36 — the San Jose bid asked me to join them as Hotel Liaison.)

I've worked at all levels of convention staff, from Gopher to Chairman, and currently serve on the Boards of Directors for Artistic Solutions, Inc. (parent of BayCon), San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (parent of the ConJose, the 2002 Worldcon), and the San Diego Speculative Fiction Society, Inc., parent of Conjecture.

Speaking of convention staff positions, I recently chaired BayCon 2002 over Memorial Day Weekend.  Previously, I chaired ConStruction, the SF Bay Area Convention College (January 13-14, 2001).  I served as Chairman of SMOFcon 17, the international Science Fiction Convention Runner's Convention, held December 10-12, 1999 in New Orleans.  I'm currently Division Manager for the "Ministry of Information" for BayCon 2003, being held over Memorial Day weekend, May 23-26, 2003.   I'm also planning to chair another ConStruction in February of 2003.

I was a member of the Bay Area in 2002 Worldcon Bid Committee from its beginning, and I worked on ConJose, the Bay Area Worldcon, hosted in San Jose over Labor Day weekend 2002. I was the Fixed Events Division Manager (a long story), and served at convention as the Liaison for Fan Guests of Honor Bjo and John Trimble (who chaired the first SF convention I attended.)

I invite you to check out my more detailed Fannish Resume.

For a more detailed biography, please check out my Fan Guest of Honor web page from the BayCon '98 Program Book.

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