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The Roland statue in the Cathedral in Veronal and the "Durendal" engraving on the sword
Roland (left) and his best friend Oliver stand in tomb effigies at the entrance to the cathedral at Verona. They date to the 12th century, as does the Chanson de Roland. [sic.]— Mary Ellen Snodgrass, Who's Who in the Middle Ages, p. 206
On the portal lining the entrance to the the Cathedral in Veronal
On the left is Orlando (Roland) where the sword engraved "Durindarda (DV RIN DAR DA)" is Durendal. The other figure wielding an articulated flail with a spiked iron-mass is said to be Oliviero (Oliver).
(Illustration from Mary Ellen Snodgrass,
Who's Who in the Middle Ages
used with permission by author / public domain)

details of the inscription DV RIN DAR DA
Enlarged Portion"DV RIN DAR DA" is clearly legible here

The Verona Cathedral (duomo/cattedrale di Verona [It.]) has a relief-carved portal -- a series of male-figured pillars (antlantes) on both the walls aligning the entrance.
Like sentries keeping watch stand Orlando (Roland) and Oliviero (Oliver). On the sword carried by Orlando is carved the letters "DVRINDARDA" (The Italian form of Durindal)

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  • Sondgrass's webside is at www.aphra.net/にあります。
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