Once upon a time, there was a childless pair. They prayed. "May God give us a baby,
even if it has to be a dwarf." A little boy baby was born and named "Issun-Bōshi" (Dwarf).
The boy did not grow up at all. He was given a needle which he would use as his
sword. He used a wooden bowl as his ship and a pair of chopsticks as his oars in his long
trip to the capital.
As he had arrived at the capital, he secured a job in a rich family.
One day, he escorted a daughter of this family on her pilgrimage to the Goddess of
Mercy. Unfortunately, they were ambushed by demons.
The Issun-Boshi pulled out his needle-sword and successfully chased them away.
When he swung the mallet of luck the demons had left, he grew into an adult.

— Text from Ministry of Posts and Communications


Date of issue:June 10,1974
Denomination: 3 kinds of 20 yen
Design: (A) Issun-Bōshi sailing in a wooden bowl
(B) Issun-Bōshi conquering the goblins
(C) Issun-Bōshi shaking the little magic mallet
Size of impression: 35.5mm x 25mm
Printing process:photogravure
Sheet composition: 20 (5x4) stamps
Designer: Jiro TAKIDAIRA
Arranged by:Hitoshi OTSUKA
(B) (C)

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