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Clarmie [weapon:sword][charlemagne]

Chlarmie(n), Clarmie (RL), Clarmîne (KdG) [MHG]

Engelirs, Engelrirs, Engelris (uzer Prittania, uon Wasconie), Egeris, Egeriers, Egeries, Egerîs (RL), Engelhêr (von Britanje)(KdG) [MHG]

According to German sources, the name of the sword "that no steel can withstand" owned by Engelirs of Wasconia*1. At the Battle of Roncesvalles, he draws the sword as he faces the Saracen Eschermunt, duke of Valeterne (herzoge uon Ualeterne Escremiz of Valterne) (Rolandslied, ll.4765-). The blade cut throught the duke's helmet and head.

In Stricker's account likewise, Engelhêr employs Clarmîne to dispatch Eschermunt von Valterne (Karl der Grosse, ll.5823, 5833).

In Chanson de Roland, Engelers*2 faces Malprimis, a man who is "fleeter on his feet than a horse" (Ch.R, l. 890), and this would make an interesting match-up, although the manuscript text is usually emended in printed edition so that it is Gerin and not Englers.

Examining how the German versions treat this makes an interesting case.

The RL is supportive of the unaltered Oxford ms. text. Here, a Frenchman named Egeris, Egeriers, Egeries, Egerîs is the one who faces Malprimis uon Ampelgart(RL 4487-).
The name sounds close to Engelirs, but close enought to Gergîs so one can't be sure which to amend to. This whole section lacks reference to the character's place of origin. Moreover, in the German version, the companion of Gergirs can be either: Gergirs un Gergis (l.1190) and Gergirs unde Engelris (l.3267), so that's not a determinant either.

In der Stricker's KdG, it is Gergîs fighting Malprîmes von Pergaltin. And we have one named Ergîs fighting Mûralan and Cicerône his overlord.

§ On the manner of Engelier's death

In Chanson de Roland (l.1485-), Climborins [≅Oliboris], the rider of Barbamouche is the one who lethally strikes Engelers (of Burdel "Bordeaux" or Gascune "Gascongy") with a spear.

In both German tales, Thibors uon Sarraguz (RL 5858-), Tibors von Sarragôz (KdG ll. 6888-) runs a spear through Engelirs/Engelhêren, thereby punishing the death of Alroten (RL) Alderôten (KdG) (who was slain by Rollant?).
*1 In Ch. de Roland this is Engelers li Guascuinz de Burdele [tr. Engelers the Gascoin of Budele, i.e., from Bordeaux in Gascony]. He faces the Saracen named Escremiz de Valterne (laisse C, ll.1289-).

*2 In the Oxford ms. ( fol. 23r), "Engelers fiert Malprimis de Brigal" appears a bit earlier in laisse XCVI, but this is thought to be a scribal error and therefore, in certain Old French e-texts and English translations, Engelers has been emended to → Gerin". The reason is that Gerers who fights the Admiral in the laisse that follows is described as his companion, which means Gerin is a better fit than Englers. (OF e-text: Brian Wooledge version; Eng. trans. Scott Moncrieff tr.)



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