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Balswenden, Palswende [weapon:sword] [charlemagne]

Balswenden (KdG), Palswendin (RL)[MHG]*1

According to German sources, the name of the sword owned by Targîs von Tortôse*2, one of the one of the Saracen counts of Marsilies, with which he avows he shall kill Ruolant (der Stricker's Karl der Grosse, l.4503).

Priest Konrad's spellings differ but his account is more of less the same:
Then came Targis of Tortolosa. "Well now, wise and exalted king and father of my wife," he said [to Marsilie], "suppose Mohammed lets me win fame today by bringing you the head of your enemy Roland. I'll put an end to his arrogance. Standing before the emperor, he drew his sword, spoke slightingly of you, and brazenly dclared that he would force the whole world to pay tribute and be subject to his lord. I'll whet my good Palswende in his heart's blood, for — as you should know — your honor is as dear to me as his lord's is to Roland.
(tr. J.W. Thomas. Konrad der Pfaffe, Rolandslied, l.3698 ).

In the equivalent scene in Chanson de Roland (LXXIV, ll. 916-), Turgis de Turteluse boasts before Marsile that he will cross his good long sword with Roland's ⇒Durendal, but the saracen's sword-name goes unmentioned.

And when the Battle of Ronceveaux does take place, Turgis winds up being challenged and killed by Anseis (Anseïs, Ch. Roland; Ansîse KdG line 5733).

*1 I would guess this is from Baudouin, son of the traitor Ganelon and thus half-brother of Roland. In the German version after Ganelon receives a helm from Oliboris (=*Climborins), he expresses the wish to be able to pass it down to his young son Baldewin. A BNF Français 6465, fol. 113 (dated 1455-1460, Grandes chroniques de france) depicts this Baudouin kneeling at the corpse of Roland.

*2 Tortosa, Spain is oft mentioned in Guillame d'Orange as Vivien's headquarter.



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