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Are you as happy as you want to be?

Life doesn't have to be a "downer," and helping people get past their mental roadblocks is what my practice is all about.

I'm Dr. Lynn Karjala, a clinical psychologist now in my twenty-seventh year of clinical practice helping people with problems ranging from specific traumas to general depression.

There's a myth in our culture that you can't ever get over traumatic events, so you have to learn to live with them. I don't believe that. Within a nonjudgmental, caring atmosphere, my experience is that even the deepest wounds can be healed.  The techniques I use are a blend of the best of traditional and innovative approaches, from "gold standard" cognitive-behavior therapy to clinical hypnosis to an exciting new field called energy psychology.

So whether the wounds come from severe trauma, such as childhood abuse, or from "everyday trauma," such as criticism or bullying, it IS possible to recover and to live richly and fully.

You don't forget what happened, but the events lose their emotional charge, so that they no longer bother you. They no longer color your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. You can choose to recall them if you wish, or you can choose to put them out of mind.

My practice covers a broad spectrum of issues, including :

Grief and loss
Early and recent traumatic events
Stress management
Low self-esteem
Life transition issues
Personality disorders

In addition to a general practice, I specialize in the treatment of dissociative disorders and trauma survivors. I have extensive experience with survivors of recent traumas, such as accidents or crimes, as well as childhood traumas, which include physical, emotional and sexual abuse.

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I offer appointments on some evenings as well as weekdays. My educational and professional credentials are impeccable, and I'll be happy to furnish you with full information upon request.

If you'd be interested in setting up an initial consultation, or if you'd just like to know more about me, my practice, and what help I can offer you, please get in touch with me. My office telephone and fax numbers appear above, or you can e-mail me at  

Because of ethical considerations, I regret that I cannot offer personal advice via e-mail or the Web, but I'll be happy to answer any questions about my practice.

Dr. Karjala has two new books!  To find out more about "Understanding Trauma and Dissociation,"  click here.  To find out more about "Trauma Beasties:  Helping Children Confront Trauma and Heal," click here.

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