“An All-Consuming Desire To Succeed” ISBN-10: 160037994X  

With "An All-Consuming Desire to Succeed", you will learn:
* The principles that can catapult you to success. * How to control and eliminate worry and fear.
* How to get enthusiasm back in your life. * Developing and maintaining mental blinders to negativity.
* Understanding and forming good habits. * Maintaining that all-important self-belief for life.
* Using life-changing “Positive Affirmations.” * Maximizing your subconscious mind.
* How to formulate and achieve your special goals.

          “The Psychic Boy Detective”  

Dawn Reilly always knew that her twelve year old son, Sean, was an average, sports loving, game playing, and normal New York boy, but never a psychic. Suddenly Sean begins having  psychic visions of murdered people whose killers have never been brought to justice. But something goes terribly wrong and Sean is suddenly thrown into a life or death situation of his own.          

        “Better Off Dead In Paradise”  ISBN: 978-1-4343-0639

       The sequel: "Better Off Dead In Paradise" takes us to the Cayman islands, where Frankie (the Agent) and Alicia (the girl friend) are in the Witness Protection Program, and the Mob is behind bars,  in the U.S.. But something goes terribly wrong when their witness protection location is compromised, and mob associates are suddenly in the Caymans blowing everything up in pursuit of the two. The story takes us through all 3 Cayman islands, back to New York, and then back to the Caymans, where lives are lost, bullets fly, and Frankie and Alicia are on the run, once again from the Mob. This is a real Page Turner!

“The Power Of Being Different”  ISBN: 1420846981

         The world has changed, life will never be the same again. We each search for a better life;

     Inspiration; a way to be more productive and fulfilled.

     Welcome a unique and easy to understand motivator: The Power Of Being Different.

    This inspiring and uplifting self-help book will show you:

  The power behind belief.  How the mind controls the body.

  How to get enthusiasm back in your life. Understanding and forming good habits.

  Understanding negativity and how to avoid it. How to use your mind as a filter.

  Using “positive self-suggestion”. How to maximize your subconscious mind. Using “positive visualization”.

The Power Of Being Different can help you transform your life, and achieve all you truly desire.

“Better Off Dead” ISBN: 1587219832

         Young Frank Granstino knew that selling life insurance would be a tough business, even though he had only started selling six months before. But he never thought that it COULD COST HIM HIS LIFE! After all, who knew that Tony Vongemi, the restaurant owner who had been feeding Frank people to write insurance on, was in the Mob? Not until Frank's clients start dying does he realize that something is very wrong, and the Vongemi family is involved. Frank soon realizes that he's at the point of no return. And to the Vongemi Family; one day. he too will be: "BETTER OFF DEAD"!

“A Second Chance” ISBN: 0-595-23524-7

  • A rescue mission of  kidnapped father and daughter, takes two brothers from Brooklyn through many parts of pristine Ireland, and into dangerous Northern Ireland, where they believe the Sullivans are being held. But the deadly mission goes terribly wrong. Castles, terrorists, & much danger are in store for the brothers.

“In Exchange Of Life” ISBN: 1410750191

  • Father Joe Gramel, a Catholic priest and pastor of a small South Carolina congregation, is devastated, learning that his only niece of sixteen, died from a drug overdose in New York. Fr. Joe, determined to right a wrong, he tries to infiltrate the drug scene in NY, finding who was responsible for killing his niece.



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