My Success Affirmations

Today I am born anew. Today is the most important day of my life

because it represents the glorious and first day of my new life.

I now understand that I alone control my destiny, my success or my

failure in this wondrous world of opportunity. Am I now capable, too,

of greatness and fortune like those highly successful individuals I have

learned about? For now I truly understand that I can accomplish anything

I carefully program into my mind. Does not the immigrant cherish fully the

American opportunity, knowing they must succeed and that failure is not

an option in their newfound world? I will adopt a similar burning desire,

and I will excel.

I am born anew. For now I realize that I am the greatest miracle in the

world, unique to anyone ever born. No longer will I count the obstacles and

drawbacks in my life. I now realize that, like the inventor who welcomes

each new failure on the road to victory, so, too, shall I. For now I understand

that each failure only brings me closer to the success I know will be mine.

Never again will I allow self-pity, doubt, or negativity to penetrate my

new power-mind, protected by a new negativity-shield, for now I realize

that 80 percent of all talk and actions around me will be negative. I now

realize that negativity has been around since the caveman, and yet successful

people always prevailed. I, too, shall prevail. I, too, will stand out from the

crowd. I am a king and the world is my new kingdom, for now I realize

that the knowledge I possess is worth more than all the riches of the world.

Today I possess an immense knowledge of how to change my life forever.

It is a true celebration indeed because now I realize that the best is yet to be.

238 An All-Consuming Desire to Succeed

Just like the wind that graces the earth, never will I look back. Never will

I revisit yesterday’s problems and heartaches. They are dead. I will always

look forward with a newfound, childlike excitement and energy.

Never again will I allow my life to be likened to a casino game of chance

because I now understand that I alone take full responsibility for my results

along the long road to success, and I vow to apply the principles I have

learned along the way. It is a joy to travel the long road to success. I will savor

every step, enjoying the rough as well as the easy road I encounter.

Today and everyday forward I will welcome each new day as a blessing

from above, and I vow never again to squander such a precious gift, knowing

that the richest king can never buy one more day of life. It is truly a gift from

the Creator and shall never again be wasted.

Enthusiasm, I have learned, is contagious. And I know that if I project

an enthusiastic, positive attitude to all whom I encounter each day, they, too,

will be enthused and will spread it to others. And like all wealth shared with

love, it no doubt will inspire me all the more.

I realize that I have choices in life:

I can feel happy, or I can feel sad.

I can act positive, or I can act in a negative manner.

I can succeed greatly, or I can settle for failure as an end result.

I can love all others I encounter, or carry around baggage of doom and

gloom and aversion.

I choose to be different, to stand out and set an example that others will

admire and want to emulate.

This is my new life. I am like a newborn, pure in heart and mind from

prejudice, hatred, failure, or fear. And like a newborn, full of life and hope,

I now understand that I, too, am unspoiled now in my mind. I now possess

the great knowledge of the ages. For now I know that the mind controls

My Success Affirmations 239

the body, and the subconscious controls the conscious. As long as I feed the

subconscious mind good, pure, and positive thoughts, the subconscious will

radiate like the rays of the sun, thus renewing, invigorating, and warming

me each day like the powerful rays of the sun. For this little-known secret of

my subconscious is now part of my life, part of my daily routine. And with

each new day that I take a breath of air, I, too, will begin it with positive

self-suggestion statements.

My newfound positive-attitude shield will protect me from the arrows

of negativity that kill off the spirit and drive off so many other people. I am

different; I am new. I will apply the newfound knowledge I possess.

No longer will that negativity seep into my mind. I will not allow

negativity to affect the computer-mind God gave me. I was born to be great.

Greatness is my destiny.

From this day forward I will never again worry, for now I know that 92

percent of all worry is useless, self-defeating, and draining.

Like the seasons that change, I now understand that my emotions, too,

change, and though I may not feel as happy one day, I know that in a day or

two I could possibly be ecstatic. Like the cycles of the world, emotions change,

and now my newfound knowledge is power I will be able to use.

With love in my eyes and heart, I will greet everyone I meet with sincere

kindness. For now I understand that love alone will soften the coldest hearts

of enemies and friends alike. And if I am to help others along the road to

success, I must set an example of pure love and inspiration for all to follow.

My new attitude will be my shield that will protect me from the dreaded

arrows of negativity that kill off the spirit and drive off so many others. I am

now different; I am new; I am driven.

And as someone who loves himself, I now vow to allow only good things

to enter my mind and body, and to eliminate anything harmful from

affecting me. I will ignore the surrounding negativity and indulgences that

can harm this masterpiece-body that I have been born with. I now know

240 An All-Consuming Desire to Succeed

that I am the greatest work of art in the world, a masterpiece that no money

can ever duplicate.

I now vow that each new day will be carefully unwrapped and savored

for the precious gift it represents. And in the end, I will know that I have

made my Creator proud of what I have accomplished, and I will be able to

look back, knowing that I have set a truly inspiring example and have made

a lasting, positive difference in this great world of ours.

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