“An All-Consuming Desire to Succeed”


I am convinced that John Paul Carinci is this generation’s Dale Carnegie.

His works of inspiring the individual to reach higher, farther, to look at your life’s goals and see how to succeed in them are well known.


His latest book, An All-Consuming Desire to Succeed A Success Formula is a tour de force in his books to help Everyman succeed and excel.


Repeated many times in the text is the phrase “We Are Each Born into This World Destined for Greatness!” Should you not read anything else, contemplate that quote. Inside us is the spark that can propel us up or if we ignore that spark or let that spark be extinguished, those sparks of potential greatness sputter out and dies.


Mr. Carinci uses common sense methods of how to obtain success, frequently using quotes by noted individuals, who emphasize his thoughts.

Teddy Roosevelt, George Bernard Shaw, Abraham Lincoln, and countless others who were born to succeed, even overcoming barriers in their lives are featured, and stand to be examples of where we need to be heading.


There is a quote I think attributed to Edison that has always affected my life. It states that we are so busy looking back at our mistakes or lost opportunities; we forget to look forward and see the road to greatness before us. I read that at a low point in my life and it helped me turn around and face the right way and right path.


Reading this amazing book can literally get you on the right path.


Mr. Carinci has affirmations, and examples of success and successful people. Anyone can glean this information and be uplifted into becoming what they want to be and helping them go towards success.


Life doesn’t give you The Golden Ticket – you clearly have to earn it. By preparing yourself, and giving yourself the right tools to succeed, and the will to work to make your goal, chances are you will uplift yourself and be on that road called Success.


I was at Church and looking at the Liturgy book following along, as in my Church some of the Liturgy is in Greek, and some is in English. I am blessed to know both languages.

A passage reminded me of Mr. Carinci and this wonderful book. “Share within our hearts, Loving Master, the pure Light of your Divine Knowledge and open the eyes of our minds that we may comprehend your message.”


Mr. Carinci speaks a mantra or prayer each morning, re-emphasizing his goals and hopes.

He kick starts his day and has given himself the gift of reminding himself that “We Are Each Born into This World Destined for Greatness.” So can reading and studying this book can do for you. A major read.


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