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"I feel very strongly about the impact this instrument can make upon individuals, colleges, our country, and the world."
Karen Isebrands-Brown
Director of The Sustainability Initiative, Nicolet College

Are you an Eco-Titan, an Eco-Tyrannosaurus rex, or perhaps an Eco-Slowpoke? Did you know that if you were to make all the "right" environmental choices during your next trip to the supermarket, the benefits to the earth could be wiped out by the mere act of your driving one mile to and from the store in a poorly tuned, gas guzzling car with a cold engine and underinflated tires? You may faithfully put your newspapers, bottles, plastics and aluminum at the curb for recycling. But, when it comes right down to it, just how well - or badly - do your daily activities at home, or on the job and in between affect the environment? EarthScore offers today's environmentally conscious reader an opportunity to quantify their Energy use, Water use, Transportation, Consumerism, Toxics, Waste and Recycling, Environmental Advocacy, Respect for the Land, Livelihood, and Family Planning. By analyzing 107 questions EarthScore tallies Impact Points, which assess one's impact on the environment; counts Action Points, measuring positive contributions, and provides a score and rating on your own personal chart. Each section also lists resources, tips and suggestions which, if investigated will increase your ability to be more earth gentle.
"If you're trying to live a little greener, and you're not sure how you're doing, you need EarthScore. This interactive guide is designed to help you analyze your lifestyle and the demands you make on the planet."
National Wildlife Federation
"We are grateful for this practical resource."
Sisters of Mercy Chicago Regional Community
"This book brings us face-to-face with the reality that the earth's good health begins and ends with us."
Audubon Naturalist Society

Ordering Information

EarthScore is available on the following basis:
Individual copies: send check or money order for $5.00 plus $1.50 for shipping.
Quantity orders: for copies used with groups or in an educational setting the discount is 50% on 5 or more copies. Send all order to:
Morning Sun Press,
PO Box 413, Lafayette, CA 94549
phone/Fax 925-932-1383

Customized editions are available. Write for detials.