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Cooking with the Sun: How To Build and Use Solar Cookers
by Beth & Dan Halacy, 114 pages, 7 x 10, paperback  $9.95
"Beautifully done and superb reading...very useful and inspiring."  Jan Bayea, Chief Scientist, National Audubon Society
Solar StoveTop Cooker: Pattern, Instructions, Recipes  Pattern & Instruction booklet ($12.00). Build this fascinating reflector cooker (hot plate) which can reach temperatures of 650 degrees F within minutes.
The Amazing Solar Oven Instructions ($3.00) Build this solar oven in 3 hours for under $10.00 in materials. Will reach temperatures of 350 degrees F
EarthScore: Your Personal Environmental Audit & Guide
by Donald Lotter
48 pages, 8 1/2 x 11, with pullout environmenatl audit chart, paperback  $5.00
Offers today's environmentally conscious readers an opportunity to quantify the impact of the home energy, water use, transportation, consumerism, toxics, waste and recycling, environmental advocacy, repect for the land, livelihood, and family planning.
"A well crafted guide to evaluating the impact of your actions on the earth and scoring your 'earth-friendly' quotient!"  Joe Dominguez & Vicki Robin, co-authors of Your Money or Your Life 
"I feel very strongly about the impact this instrument can make upon individuals, colleges, our country, and the world."
Karen Isebrands-Brown, Director of The Sustainability Initiative, Nicolet College
The Fuel Savers: A Kit of Solar Ideas for Your Home by Bruce Anderson
83 pages, 40 drawing, paperback  $6.00
Contains a wealth of ideas that can be easily adapted to almost any building. From insulating curtains to solar hot water, each idea is examined for materials costs, fuel reduction, advantages and disadvantages, and cost-effectiveness.
"A most practical, step-by-step guide for individuals and homeowners to one of the most important issues we face: reducing our wasteful dependence on fossil fuel."
Paul Hawken, Author of Growing A Business

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