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"Solar cooking is not a passing fad but is a welcome switch to a superior method."
Dr. Robert Metcalf, Microbiologist, Sacramento State University and Chairman, Solar Cooker International

Cooking lunch at 10,000 feet in Yosemite

This is a picture of the Solar StoveTop cooking lunch at 10,000 feet in Yosemite National Park. The full-size pattern with instruction book guides you through building a reflective hot plate cooker using locally purchased supplies. Total cost will be $20-$25. Simply cut out the pattern, trace onto cardboard, and assemble. This cooker uses a circular curve rather than a parabolic curve, and a series of wedge-shaped pieces for the reflective surface rather than trying to mold a compound surface. This makes for easier construction, and most importantly, results in a 6-inch hot spot instead of a pinpoint for better cooking and more even heat. It will reach 650 degrees F within minutes and only weighs 3 pounds. The cooker is capable of frying, boiling, steaming, poaching, and perking coffee. Also includes recipes from StoveTop Pizza to Poached Salmon on a bed of Greens. Very portable and efficient. You can also cook inside with sun coming through a window.
(This solar cooker can be made with the SOLAR STOVETOP COOKER item. See Morning Sun Press Products)
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