Machines - Values
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A limited number of copies of the AMERICAN DIGEST OF BUSINESS MACHINES (1924) is available.  Use the link on the home page to find out how to get your copy.

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Machines - Values

Burroughs made a number of models of adding machines and calculators over the years.  This document will describe each series of machines, identify the original prices, years of manufacture, and current prices.  Also provided is a list of items that increase or decrease the value (range) of the machine as an antique today.  All information provided is “best guess” and, by the nature of the information available, can be approximate rather than exact.  Specifically, the date of manufacture is intended to be close, but not exact. Actual manufacturing dates of any machine can be determined by the serial number.

Machine Classifications

All Burroughs machines can be divided into groups, classes, series, and models as shown on the following pages.  The model, class, and style may be shown on some machines.  The most typical example of that is on the High Keyboard machines where the model number is shown right before the serial number, for example, 6X-23645 where 6X is the model number. All machines have serial numbers.  Typical locations are in the lower front, front edge of the keyboard top plate, lower rear case panel, or machine bottom. You should never have to disassemble the machine to see the model or serial numbers.

What Are They Worth?

Today’s value on the antique market depends a great deal on the condition of the machine.  In the last 12 months, there has been a softening in prices on eBay, so the values estimated may be slightly higher than can be obtained through auction sales. Here are some features and conditions that can add or detract from the value of a machine: 

Value Above Average

  • Paint does not show any chips or to-the-metal scratches (+25%)  

  • Decals are in like-new condition (+15%)

  • Machine works completely (+15%)

  • Less than nine columns on High Keyboard machines (+30%)

Value Below Average

  • Broken glass on sides or front (-30%)

  • Missing keytops (-20%)

  • Rusty carriage parts (-30%)

  • More than 12 columns on High Keyboard machines (-30%)

  • Motorized High Keyboard machines (-30%)