High Keyboard Adders
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High Keyboard Machines

This group of adding machines comprising all high keyboard machines. (Models 1 – 17) 

High keyboard machines were the first machines built by the American Arithmometer Company and, later, the Burroughs Adding Machine Company.  Designed to be used in banks, the machine also became the machine of choice to businesses in general. 

The construction of these machines included the famous glass sides, later copied in one form or another by other manufacturers, which allowed the “wonder” of the mechanism to be seen and appreciated by buyers.  Some of the low cost models like the Model 6X did not have glass on the sides. 

Like most Burroughs machines, the number of columns and the type of carriage varied widely to meet the different needs and application of the user.  Wide carriages usually moved from side to side to allow listing (printing) on wide forms, such as journal pages.

Perhaps the most commonly found Burroughs machine, the Group A machines are highly valued by collectors, especially non-electric models in good condition. 

A bit of trivia, you may have heard the term “T Totaller” used to describe a person who stayed away from drinking and was very formal and precise.  Well, the term came from bankers using the Class 2 machines, which had a key on the keyboard that was marked “T Total”.

Class 1 – (Series H Machines) Single counter (total), high keyboard, blind printing (not visible at print time)

Date Range -- 1895-193x
Original Price -- $300-$800
Today’s Value -- $125-$400 


American Arithmometer “The Burroughs“ 

Class 1, Model 7

Very old Class 1

Nice wide carriage

Class 2 – Two counter, high keyboard, blind printing

Date Range -- 1910-193x 

Original Price -- $400-$900

Today’s Value -- $125-$400


Class 2, Model 9