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A limited number of copies of the AMERICAN DIGEST OF BUSINESS MACHINES (1924) is available.  Use the link on the home page to find out how to get your copy.

The Charles Babbage Institute
My Collection


It is amazing how many large collections of business machines exist.  Over the years I have met many individuals with amazing collections and the internet seems to have enabled these collections to grow.

My personal collection is of very modest size and includes Burroughs and other manufacturers' products.  I have provided some pictures of what I consider to be examples of especially interesting models.

When the Burroughs Corporation merged with the Sperry Corporation in 1986, Burroughs had been planning for a major exhibit celebrating their 100-year history. They had gained commitments from many collectors to have special items on display at their headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, at the Burroughs World Headquarters. Because of the pending merger and other financial considerations, the celebration was vastly scaled down and the machines were never displayed.

Burroughs did maintain a "Hall of Products" in the lobby of their headquarters in Detroit, which included many beautiful examples of the very early machines.  When the merger was completed, Burroughs, now the Unisys Corporation, donated the entire Burroughs archives to The Charles Babbage Institute.