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FRS Geotech, Inc., established in 1993, is a laboratory specializing in asbestos and mold analyses.  It is owned and operated by two Ph.D. geologists with 25 years of combined experience in the analysis of asbestos, and over 50 years of combined experience in geology, mineralogy and microscopy.

We are a service-oriented company.  It is our goal to provide high caliber analytical work in a timely fashion.
We understand the value of our client's time.  We strive to complete our analyses on the due date.  Normally the final report and invoice are printed and mailed out the same day that the analysis is finished and results are phoned, FAXed, or e-mailed.
Our QA/QC program was developed through years of experience in the industry.  It is second to none.  Our customers are more than welcome to visit the lab and review the QA/QC program and records at any time.  A complete Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) is available on request.
As questions regarding analyses may arise long after an analysis has been done, our data files are kept in perpetuity.  Normally, FRS archives the samples themselves for one year, but samples will be held longer or returned to the client upon request.