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This Cotton Belt GP-7 is moving a local freight through Citrus Junction.  This is an Athearn model with a BevBel Corp. paint scheme.

Union Pacific Unit 1201 is heading to the yard.  This Baldwin VO-1000 locomotive is a Stewart Hobbies kit.

This SP locomotive is a General Electric Model U33C.  The locomotive is an Atlas model with Details West detailing parts applied.  These parts, like the MU Hoses, snow plow, and grab irons, make a big difference in the realistic look of the model, as compared to the Cotton Belt unit below, which does not have any extra detailing parts added.

Citrus Junction

Model Railroad



The train numbers were printed on standard paper using MS Publisher.  They were then cut out by hand and simply glued on with white glue.  After cutting out the numbers, a black fine point permanent felt tip pen was used to blacken the edges of the paper.