The fire department has been out on a small brush fire call behind the tire shop.

The fire truck was built from a Resin Unlimited Seagrave Open-Cab Pumper resin kit with the firefighters† painted and added separately.

Citrus Junction

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This web page gives a brief overview of the Citrus Junction Model Railroad including the equipment, structures, and building materials used on the railroad.† In addition, there are some brief examples of techniques used in building the railroad and some links to suppliers of some of the railroads equipment and structures.

Citrus Junction is an HO, or 1:87.1, scale model railroad.† Currently the railroad and surrounding area encompass approximately 5.6 scale acres with a scale 8/10ths of a mile of mainline plus a three track yard and four industrial sidings.† There is also 2/10th of a mile of paved roads and approximately the same length of dirt roads.

Due to the railroads location in the suburbs east of Los Angeles the railroad is served primarily by the Union Pacific, Santa Fe, and Southern Pacific.† Most activity on the railroad occurs during the transitional period between steam and diesel powered locomotives.† However, 1970ís era equipment regularly operates at Citrus Junction.† Also, Burlington Northern, Chicago Northwestern, Pennsylvania Railroad and even SNCF equipment can be seen in operation.

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