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The Milky Way our home galaxy, is fantastic to look at under dark skies. In the photograph below lies the center of our galaxy.  Here is where we find the greatest concentration of globular star clusters, and dark obsuring masses of dust. the prancing dark horse in the picture below is made of dense dust that blocks the light from stars behind the dust.

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The Milky Way is home to some 150 dense clusters of stars that resemble bees at a beehive, with the stars in these clusters so densely packed that a large telescope is needed to completely resolve the individual stars.  With smaller telescopes many of these clusters look like fuzzy balls. M2_18Nov2001_small1.jpg (1176 bytes) To the left are some articles that I have written about these old star clusters.  One of my projects in observing has been to look at in detail all of these clusters.  To date I have seen all but 10 from here in Texas. I will have to travel to the southern hemisphere to see the last 10.


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