About ASMUS, Inc.

Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Consulting


ASMUS, Inc. has been active in developing the process for deploying IDNs for the root zone of the DNS, in particular the process for identifying and managing variant codepoints and variant lablels.

Unibook Character Browser


Now available in Version 6.1.1, the Unibook Character Browser is a small utility created by ASMUS, Inc. It can be used  for offline viewing of the character charts and character properties for The Unicode Standard. It can also be used to cut&paste character codes.

The Unibook utility is derived from the program developed by ASMUS, Inc. to print the character code charts for the Unicode Standard and ISO/IEC 10646. Unibook is available free of charge for downloading.

Publishing Activities

Swedish:The BasicsSwedish:The Basics

Now in its fourth edition, Swedish: The Basics is first in a series of Swedish textbooks written by Laura A. Wideburg, The book is specifically aimed at speakers of North-American English attending language education for beginning students outside the academic setting.

The series continues with Swedish: Beyond the Basics, now in its second edition..

ASMUS, Inc. handled all aspects of book design and publication for the series.

Contract Software Development


ASMUS, Inc. provides contract software development, primarily in areas of UI development, as well as text and font handling.

Internationalization Consulting


ASMUS, Inc. provides internationalization consulting, including assessment of existing code and design, design review for internationalization, assistance in developing specific internationalization requirements, as well as internationalization design and architecture consulting.

In addition we can assist in staff training, both formal as well as 'on the job'. Our focus in on providing customized consulting with the goal of getting your team ready to deliver fully internationalized versions of your product.

Contact Information

For more information please e-mail: asmus@unicode.org