Alex Dorado
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Alex Dorado


Hair: Chestnut Brown

Eyes: Brown



The Campbell Agency

Two Turtle Creek

3838 Oak Lawn Ave. #900

Dallas, TX 75219

(214) 522-8991

(214) 522-8997 fax


Commercials & Industrials:


Complete List Upon Request


MMS Education

Principal Voiceover

Discovery Dairy


Left Brain Creative/TX Young Lawyers

Principal Actor

Internet Safety Video PSA


TOPPS/Juicy Drop Pop/Stone Core Films

Principal Actor

National Television Commercial


Voyager Learning (Multiple Shoots)


Industrial - Marketing Video


US Youth Soccer

Principal Voice Over

Video PSA


National Heart Association

Principal Actor/Singer  

Jump Rope for Heart Industrial Video


Jones Homes                     

Principal Voice Over    

Radio Spot  


Hit Entertainment              


Barney Let's make Music Video DVD





Children’s Film – Julie Mayfield – KD Studio

R.E.A.C.T.  Children – Nancy Chartier

Musical Theater Camp – Water Tower Theatre

Voice   – Septien Vocal Productions

Musical Theatre - Linda Leonard - KD Studio

Voice - Monica Leone

Piano - Jan Harmon




A Midsummer

Night's Dream                   Oberon                  Shepton High School


I Never Saw Another

Butterfly                          Honza                   Shepton High School


The King & I                     Lewis Leonowens    Dallas Young Artists


Bye Bye Birdie                   Randolph Mac Afee Dallas Young Artists


Dear Edwina                      Bobby, Ziggy         Labyrinth Theater


High School Musical            Chad                    Plano Children's Theater


Seussical                          JoJo                     Plano Children's Theater

                                                                 & WaterTower Theater


The Music Man                  Winthrop Paroo       Plano Children's Theater

                                                                 & Dallas Young Artists


David Rosen’s Bar Mitzvah   Young David           Plano Children's Theater 

Joseph and … Dreamcoat    Children’s Chorus     Richardson Theatre Center

The Wiz                           Talking Munchkin    WaterTower Theater

KD Musical Showcase         Peter Pan, Oliver     KD Studios

The King and I                  Prince                   Plano Children's Theater

Oklahoma                                         Freddie, Cowboy     Water Tower Theatre


Special Skills:


Ice Skating/Hockey: 10 years, Dallas Stars Selects, Tae Kwon Do: 5 years, Red Belt

Baseball: 1 year

Cub Scouts: 3 years

Rollerblading: 8 years

Piano: 2 years

Snow Skiing: 8 Years